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Arrange a face to face meeting so that you’ll have a better chance of building a rapport

Arrange a face to face meeting so that you’ll have a better chance of building a rapport. You can’t see each other’s faces or body language during a phone call, and that makes it more likely that something you say could be misinterpreted by a girl who doesn’t know you that well yet.

Writing down some notes that you can refer to during the call is a good idea - if only because it gives you the peace of mind that you have something to fall back on. Keep your phone call light and easy and get to the point as quickly as possible.

. Take some time to collect your thoughts and come up with a game plan for your call. Just be careful not to focus only on being funny. There’s nothing worse than finally getting up the nerve to call, only to have your mind go blank the minute she picks up the phone. That’s a great way to come off sounding completely awkward. What you really want to accomplish with this phone call is to set up a date and the more you drag out the phone call, the greater potential there is for awkwardness or misunderstandings.
Basically, if the girl was playing it cool and hard to get, then you’ll probably be better off waiting two or three days to call. And that means making that phone call. The first phone call to a girl can be pretty stressful, and there are certainly plenty of ways you can screw it up (believe me - I’ve done it many times).

Prepare Yourself
Always, always, always have a clear idea of what you’re going to say to a girl before you dial that number. But getting her number won’t do you much good unless you can do something with it.

Phone calls definitely serve a purpose, but they have limitations too.

Be Funny but to the Point
Working humor into your first phone call with a girl can be a huge plus for you. There are all kinds of theories floating around out there about exactly what the proper waiting time is, but really you should go by the signals the girl was giving you.

When to Call
The first thing most guys worry about when they get a girl’s number is how long they should wait to call. If she was friendly and open, on the other hand, calling the next day is fine.Scoring a girl’s number is a huge deal in and of itself. With a little bit of preparation, though, you’ll be able to get through the call just fine. Probably shoot for some time in the evening when Bimetallic Screw Manufacturers most people are home from work but not too late that it seems creepy or weird. Don’t write up a whole speech and read off of it though.

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