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Charges to fix PSP screen is also very affordable

To completely remove the LCD, gently prey on the clips so the LCD ribbon slides out. This is done by inserting a flathead screwdriver between the screen and the metal screen support.
But before you actually buy a cheap screen, you need to know how to fix a broken PSP screen. Screw everything back together after you put the faceplate back on the PSP. You’re done with the easy and right way of doing LCD PSP replacement.
The third screw is on the PSP side. Knowing that the screen of this game is extremely susceptible to cracks and other damage, you should treat it with care. If this happens, you can replace it, so you can continue to enjoy it.
Remove the backlight and the LCD.
Using a flathead screwdriver, remove the control buttons at the bottom of the LCD. Connect to the motherboard after you put the button bar back on top of the screen. In this tutorial, you will learn the proper way of removing the faceplate, screen assembly, and the LCD panel. it is also important to know how to fix PSP screen appropriately.
After you have removed all the five screws, it will be easy to detach the front cover or faceplate. In fact, you need not be an expert to do it yourself. The first two screws can be dislodged after removing the battery cover and of course the battery. It is connected to the motherboard on the right side of the PSP by a little cable, which can be pulled out by lifting its clasp. Because this is very fragile, you need to be careful not to damage it otherwise your PSP will be useless.

If not properly protected, even a short fall can actually cause a broken PSP screen. Rubber Machine Screw
You should not worry about the amount of money you will need for this replacement. Hence, you need to be extra careful in removing these screws without removing the memory stick. Close the clasps after plugging the cables into the connectors.
The PSP screen is one of the weaknesses of this device. The best thing to do, when the screen becomes defective is to replace it right away. The last two screws are located on the memory stick.
Pull out the screen from the LCD assembly. There could be an occasion where you will have to learn how to do a screen replacement.
Make sure the screen is working properly.
Remove five screws on the front cover using a Philips screw driver. The second screw is covered with the warranty sticker that you can just peel a little. You can easily find cheap PSP screen to replace it.
Make sure all the clips are in place after you have placed the screen assembly back into the PSP.
Put in the new LCD PSP screen.A LCD PSP replacement is actually easy to do. Place it on the backlight and put back the front cover. You can get the screen by releasing the clips on left side.

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