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Take this the next step and make sure your cabinet hardware

Most doorknobs are held in place by only six screws; two that hold the outer and inner knobs together, two that hold the door striker to the doorframe, and two that hold the deadlatch to the edge of the door. Since door hardware is standardized, you shouldn’t have to drill any new holes, or change the size of any of the existing ones.

People will look at it and wonder what happened. Be sure to save the simple key that comes with your privacy lock doors, so that you can get into your children’s rooms when they decide to lock themselves in.The right hardware can set the tone for the style of your house. If you go for a lever design, instead of a more traditional knob, that adds to the “richness” of your home.Hardware is like the jewelry for your home. While most people won’t comment on it, everyone will see it.It’s important to maintain the same style throughout your home.When you walk up to a home, the first thing that you notice is always the front door and its hardware. Adding hardware to your kitchen cabinets can take the mundane and make it look expensive. Nothing says “run down” the same as having mismatched door hardware.Changing your door hardware is one of the easiest remodeling projects you can do.

There you have it, a simple home makeover, that like putting on that string of pearls, really dresses up the rest of your home. One little detail of installation that you should be aware of; the doorknob which has the screw holes in it always goes on the inside of the door, with the screw holes forming a horizontal line. Let’s face it, most homes are built with cheap hardware, there’s really not much there to notice. Actually, other than complicated wood molding, there’s nothing else in the building of a home that conveys a message of luxury like the hardware used on the doors.Replacing door hardware is a snap. Whatever you ultimately choose, it should go not only Bimetallic Screw with the style of your house, but also with the decorating style you are using throughout your home. Just as a pretty woman can become stunning with the right jewelry accents, a nice home can look rich by installing the right sort of door hardware.Most door hardware manufacturers make their products in matching series. Integrated entry door sets which have the door knob, deadbolt, and handle mounted together on a plate set the tone for your door hardware selection.

Take this the next step and make sure your cabinet hardware in the kitchen and bath match your door hardware as well. Even expensive homes will look cheap if the door hardware is cheap. Is your home colonial? Then pick an antique brass or copper hardware for your doors. So, you can use the same series or style of doorknobs for pass doors, privacy lock doors, and even closet doors. Actually, you only notice the hardware if the home has nice hardware installed; otherwise, all you notice is the door.

Is your home ultra-modern? Then you’ll want to select polished brass door hardware, possibly in a full sphere shape

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